At the Ariane Hotel, you can enjoy family hospitality in the leafy suburbs of the historic town of Ieper.
Just two blocks away from the market square, with the In Flanders Fields Museum and the Menin Gate.
The Somme region is also easy to get to from here.
A warm welcome, modern facilities, a restaurant with conservatory, garden terrace and flawless service,
tastefully arranged rooms with every comfort.

In 2015, Ariane Hotel was awarded first place again (3rd time in a row) in the Top 25 4-star hotels in Belgium, by the Trip Advisor Traveller's Choice Awards.     Our sincere thanks go to all our customers!

Be our guest!

Άφιξη Η άφιξη είναι δυνατή μεταξύ 15:00 και 23:00.
Αναχώρηση Η αναχώρηση είναι δυνατή μέχρι τις 11:00.

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more then 48 hrs before date of arrival: free


special group cancellation policy

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