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1. Terms & Conditions Dutch Masters
1. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions
1.1 All bookings accepted by Dutch Masters (Dutch Masters is the trade name of AC Luxury Estate B.V.) are subject to these terms and conditions, which are to be accepted by the Guest (you being the tenant or the person for whom the apartment is rented by for example your company) and other parties involved staying in the apartments of Dutch Masters (your company). The Guest means the tenant and his company. When you make a booking with Dutch Masters and/or stay in one of the apartments of Dutch Masters you agree with these general conditions.
1.2 Prices and availability are subject to changes and may be subject to a minimum number of nights stay as well.
1.3 By completing payment of rental fee(s) or (security) deposit, these terms and conditions will be considered to be accepted by the parties involved.

2. Payment and rates
2.1 Prices used are in Euro’s, unless specifically mentioned otherwise.
2.2 Upon arrival at the apartment a security deposit is to be paid where the amount depends on the duration of stay. This security deposit together with the total rental fee must be paid during check-in. The security deposit is as follows:
– Stay of less than 14 nights: € 300, – deposit
– Stay of less than 30 nights: € 500, – deposit
– Stay between 30 and 90 nights: € 1000, – deposit
– Stay of more than 90 nights: € 1500, – deposit
This amount will be reimbursed at check-out if there is no damage to the apartment.
2.4 Before arrival a down payment will be required. A down payment of 50% of the total amount is payable within 48 hours after the booking has been confirmed by bank transfer to the bank account of Dutch Masters. The remaining 50% of the total down payment is payable by bank transfer two weeks before arrival. You will not receive the keys of the apartment if the whole amount is not paid.
2.5 In case of bookings of more than 1 month, it is possible to pay the rent per month whereby the first month has to be paid in accordance with article 2.4 of these terms and conditions. The second month and further then have to be paid prior to the first of that month.
2.6 In case of a last minute booking (48 hours prior to arrival date) the payment can be made upon arrival.
2.7 Dutch Masters can also email you a payment link for credit card payment for VISA and MasterCard if you inform us via email if you wish to pay be credit card.

3. Services and taxes
3.1 VAT (9%) and 10 % Tourist Taxes for Amsterdam however are not included in the rental price, and will be charged separately, unless specifically mentioned otherwise.
3.2 Weekly cleaning is included in the rental fee (once a week unless specified otherwise). Weekly cleaning includes a change of bed linen and towels, free of charge.
3.3 It is possible to opt for additional cleaning for a fee of 85 euro.

4. Facilities
4.1 All apartments are fully furnished and equipped. This includes a fully equipped kitchen, with cutlery and kitchen utensils present in the apartment.
4.2 Working Wi-Fi is complementary. Dutch Masters however can’t be held responsible for loss and/or disturbance of the internet connection. When the internet connection is lost, Dutch Masters will guarantee to do everything within its power to fix the connection as soon as possible.
4.3 Rental fee also includes gas, air conditioning, heating, electricity, water and television. All appliances in the apartment, e.g. lights, heating etc. are expected to be switched off when not in use. Excessive use of gas, water or electricity could result in extra costs.
4.4 When cooking or using the bath room, the ventilation has to be turned on as indicated above the ventilation button in the apartment. If not the fire alarm may go off causing false alarm. In case the security company will arrive in this respect, Dutch Masters will charge 60 euro.

5. Cancellation
5.1 Notification of cancellation needs to be presented to Dutch Masters in writing. When notification of cancellation is received up to 30 days prior to the arrival date of the booking concerned, no costs will be involved.
5.2 In the case of cancellation from 30 days to 14 days before arrival, 75% of the total costs will be refunded or the Guest can request a voucher, for a stay at a later date, worth the full amount paid to Dutch Masters.
5.3 In the case of cancellation from 14 days to 8 days before arrival, 75% of the total cost will be refunded.
5.4 In case of cancellation from 7 days before arrival, 25 % of the total cost will be refunded.
5.4 In case of a no show 100 %  of the costs will be charged.
5.5 In the event of a refund, Dutch Masters will pay the amount based on the above conditions. Costs that may be charged by your bank will not be reimbursed by Dutch Masters.
5.6 Articles 5.1 – 5.5 do not apply if the booking is made against non-refundable rates which will be stated explicitly when making the booking.
5.7 Retreats and packages may have different cancellation policies, which will be stipulated on the booking page of the package or retreat.

6. Early departure
6.1 In case of bookings of 29 nights or less, early departures involve costs. When the Guest decides to leave prior to the end date mentioned in the original reservation, the total rental amount will be charged and the reservation will be ended on the confirmed new departure date.
6.2 In case of bookings of 30 nights and longer, early departures can be subject to extra costs. If a booking is to be cancelled prior to the departure date, the number of nights between the cancellation/ notification date and the end date mentioned in the original reservation will be charged, with a maximum of 14 nights. Furthermore the reservation will be ended on the adjusted departure date.

7. Damage to the apartment or its contents
7.1 The Guest has to take responsibility for the property and its content (e.g. furniture, utensils etc.). This also means the property is left clean and in good condition upon check out.
7.2 In the case of damage to the apartment or its content due to actions of the Guest, his  negligence or irresponsible behaviour, damage has to be reported to Dutch Masters immediately. Dutch Masters remains the right to charge the full amount of the damage caused. The security deposit will be used for this but if the damage exceeds the security deposit Dutch Masters will charge the excess.
7.3 In the case of normal checking out of the apartment and / or its contents, Dutch Masters will return the security deposit.
7.4 When the keys of the apartment are lost by the guest, a €60,- fee will be charged to the guest.
7.5 When the apartment is left in extraordinary filthy state an extra fee will be charged to the Guest by  Dutch Masters. This fee will be equal to the actual costs made in order to clean the apartment and will be retained from the security deposit.
7.6 In case of damages in the apartment and/or the property, the Guest is required to inform Dutch Masters immediately in writing (by app or email) or by telephone. Dutch Masters will always seek to solve the damages as quickly as possible.
7.7 It is strictly forbidden for the Guest to carry out repairs and/or to make changes/adjustments  on or in the property (including but not limited to drill holes in walls, painting the walls). In case this happens, the Guest will be liable for total repair costs.
7.8 It is strictly forbidden for the Guest to change the furniture and/or utensils and/or to remove the furniture and/or utensils from the apartment.
7.9 Dutch Masters declines all responsibility for loss of and/or damage to the Guest’s properties in case of (but not limited to) fire and/or theft.

8. (Number of) occupants
8.1 Only the number of persons mentioned and known to Dutch Masters because of the fact that they are mentioned in the reservation confirmation, are allowed to stay in the apartment of Dutch Masters as rented by the Guest. Dutch Masters remains the right to refuse access to the Guest if this condition is violated.

9. Modification of bookings
9.1 Dutch Masters will endeavour to alter bookings if the Guest wishes to do so. Changes to reservations made can however not be guaranteed by Dutch Masters.
9.2 Dutch Masters offers  the Guest the opportunity to extend his stay before accepting new bookings. In this respect the Guest will have to notify Dutch Masters in writing at least 14 days prior to the end date of his original booking.
9.3 Dutch Masters is a company that is active in seasonal business that is linked to trends in corporate housing. Therefore, in case of an extension, the nightly rate used for your extension can differ from the nightly rate used in your original booking. Dutch Masters will always notify you when this is the case and ask for your approval before finalizing the requested extension.
9.4 If the Guest wishes to alter the booking (for example change of the dates or change the stay at another apartment in the premises at the Keizersgracht 580 in Amsterdam), Dutch Masters will endeavour to facilitate this for the Guest, however alterations cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, in case of a change, the nightly rate used in respect of the change can differ from the nightly rate used in your original booking. Dutch Masters will always notify you when this is the case and ask for your approval before finalizing the requested change.
9.5 In case a modification is made less than 14 nights before the start date of your booking, resulting in vacancy, costs for the Guest might occur. Dutch Masters shall endeavour to rent out the property again for the concerning vacant rental period. If Dutch Masters succeeds in (partially) doing so, the rental fee for number of nights rented out again during the previously booked period, shall be refunded. Please note that Dutch Masters will give priority to renting out other vacant properties.

10. Check-in & check-out policy
10.1 Check-in as from 14.00 hours and check out is prior to 12.00 hours on the day of departure. Late check-out may be possible subject to the reservation status of the apartments.
10.4 The Guest vacating the apartment beyond the time agreed upon will be charged a full day’s rental fee, equal to the applicable nightly rate on the day the apartment is agreed upon to be vacated.

11. Fair Use
11.1 The Guest will use the apartment and the common areas (like hall, garden, stairs etc) in a correct manner. He will not use the apartment for running any commercial business including but not limited to (illegal) prostitution.
11.2 Dutch Masters will remain the right to end the stay immediately and charge a € 200,- fine when nuisance is caused by the Guest.
11.3 When the apartments of Dutch Masters are used for (illegal) prostitution Dutch Masters will remain the right to end the stay immediately and charge a € 20.000,- fine.
11.4 Smoking and/or burning candles is strictly forbidden in all apartments of Dutch Masters. When the guests are smoking and/or burning candles in the apartments, Dutch Masters will remain the right to end the stay immediately and charge a € 200,- fine.  damage deposit
11.5 Pets are not allowed in the apartments of Dutch Masters. When the guests bring pets into the apartment and/or the common areas, Dutch Masters will remain the right to end the stay immediately and charge a € 200,- fine.
11.6 It is strictly forbidden for the Guest to sublease the apartment to third parties.

12. Insurance
12.1 Renting an apartment at Dutch Masters does not include any kind of insurance. Dutch Masters therefore recommends its guests to provide themselves with travel – and health insurances.

13. Force Majeure
13.1 All the apartments rented out by Dutch Masters are located on the Keizersgracht 580 in Amsterdam. All property rentals on this site are subject to national and  local laws and regulations of Amsterdam and/or The Netherlands. Such laws may change without notice. In the event that new or existing laws, governing the short-term rental of properties come into effect, this may have an adverse effect on such rentals (including, but not limited to, prohibition of such rentals). Dutch Masters will refund any money paid for affected accommodation of Dutch Masters booked.  Responsibility for the enforcement, amendment or introduction of such laws, is not accepted by Dutch Masters and no compensation (beyond refunding of deposits) will take place.
13.2 Dutch Masters is not liable for nuisance caused by construction, by third parties or for work on public roads.

14. Modification of Dutch Masters & Conditions
14.1 The terms & conditions of Dutch Masters can be changed at any time without notice. The terms & conditions on this page are leading and most up to date.


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