Įsiregistravimas Įsiregistruoti galima nuo 14:00 iki 20:00.
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Užsakymo sąlygos

Standard rate: the total cost of your booking is due immediately; if you cancel up to 5 days (120h) before the day of arrival a cancellation cost of 10% will be withheld and the rest paid back. The total cost of your booking is due if you cancel less than 5 days before the day of arrival.

Non refundable rate: 100% non refundable prepayment. Your payment will not be refunded if you decide to cancel later.

Please note our reception hours 8AM to 8PM every day. Arrival after 8PM is possible via an automatic key box; please contact us in advance for the exact procedure.

Please note that confirmed online bookings are possible for up to 6 guests. If you are booking for more than 6 guests this is considered a REQUEST but not a confirmed booking.

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